Established in 2001, Bluepoint Consulting has been providing independent wealth management advice for twenty years. Armed with the knowledge and insight necessary to ensure that clients can rest assured their wealth will be effectively managed for many generations to come.


As the firm celebrates its twentieth anniversary of being in business, Bluepoint Consulting may find itself in the midst of a strange year, but its one primary aim has remained the same: to give the right advice by putting the clients’ interests first, every single time. Today, as the firm can look back on twenty years of delivering success, Bluepoint Consulting can pride itself on being privately owned by its principals and always working in the clients’ best interest rather than be aligned to any other institution.


Bluepoint Consulting specialises in the management of assets for pension funds, family offices, SMSFs, and individuals. No matter the type of client, the firm always delivers success in offering a variety of wealth management and investment options. In essence, Bluepoint Consulting offers a service that is akin to a private banking relationship for clients who are based across Australia, as well as expats in the United States, Europe, ASIA and the Middle East.


The firm also takes pride in having a clear stance on fees versus commissions, and this gives Bluepoint Consulting a unique freedom to seek out and advise on the best investment ideas before negotiating the best pricing available on the client’s behalf.


The advisers working as part of the team at Bluepoint Consulting are regularly upskilled, ensuring that both as individuals and as part of a larger firm, they stay ahead of the industry and any developments that may occur. This desire to stay ahead has fed into a culture of success that has been cultivated at Bluepoint Consulting as well. Staff members are regularly invited to exchange and help implement new ideas that can drive the business forward to help more clients.


Ultimately, Bluepoint Consulting is the best partner that an astute client could ask for and is ready to deliver another twenty years of success for its clients and for itself.

... Bluepoint Consulting its primary aim –

To give the right advice by putting our clients' interests first every time ...

  • Bluepoint Consulting is licensed to deal in a wide range of asset classes and securities and free to work with any financial institution. We are not beholden to any particular asset class, product manufacturer or market. Unlike most investment professionals who are paid on transactions, we are very happy to advise a client to ‘do nothing’ if that is the right advice.

  • Because most of our clients pay an annual retainer, based on our time and expertise, it is crystal clear, at every moment, in whose interest our advice is given.

  • Due to our investment process of using wholesale funds and listed securities, the products we recommend generally do not pay commissions.

  • We find our clear stance on fees vs commissions gives us a unique freedom to seek and advise the best investment ideas and negotiate on our client’s behalf the best pricing available.

  • Our advisers are proven and experienced investment specialists with an enviable track record.

  • We see our service as having the capabilities and expertise of a private bank, but the pricing and intimacy of a small business.

  • Our loyal clients are generally interested and sophisticated investors who value the contacts and skills of our advisers.

  • We ensure our advisers have the time and the capacity to genuinely look after our clients and we tailor our services and our pricing to their needs.

  • We prefer to work closely with our clients’ other advisers (accountant, broker, banker etc) to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

  • We aim to demystify the investment arena and provide sound investment advice and products to investors. Our process is based on an understanding of the large number of decisions that affect investment results. This process relies on outlook, research, and good judgement. There are four principles which we consistently apply in investment management:

  • Quality – investment in quality assets that are capable of creating wealth

  • Value – assets are purchased and held at values that can be defended and sustained

  • Diversity – diversification across the sources of investment return from asset classes to securities managers and investments 

  • Time – successful investing takes time so discipline, not emotion, drives investment decisions


investment process

All clients introduced to Bluepoint Consulting can expect tailored portfolio construction with regular reviews.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation - Bluepoint uses extensive internal & external research to construct asset allocations. Portfolios are managed to long-term strategic asset allocations that are reviewed regularly.

  • Diversification - Reduces risk so portfolios are diversified across as many areas as efficient to reduce portfolio risk without sacrificing returns. This may include diversification across asset class, securities manager, manager styles and investment processes and individual investments.

  • Direct ownership of securities - Bluepoint’s investment platform enables individual investments to be held directly. This allows more efficiency within a portfolio from a cost & diversification perspective.

  • Active Management - In addition to good portfolio construction and regular review, our private retainer clients enjoy the following active management services:

    • Re-balancing - Bluepoint re-balances portfolios regularly, using a disciplined process that involves buying into asset classes that have underperformed in the short term and selling those that have been particularly strong. This is a systematic way of buying low and selling high, and keeps portfolios in line with long-term allocations and objectives. Bluepoint prefers to mitigate market timing risk through incremental investing.

    • Active management - Bluepoint believes that with careful selection and monitoring of proven active fund managers, we can add significant value to client portfolios over time.

    • Strategic investment in cash and market timing - Most financial planners, stockbrokers and real estate agents are remunerated either on transactions (brokerage) or on funds under management (fees), so their advice can often become influenced by getting invested too early, being fully invested, or even gearing up funds inappropriately. As Bluepoint is remunerated by a flat annual retainer, our advisers are at liberty to advise clients to do nothing, go slowly, stay in cash or repay debt, when that is the right advice.
      As a result our decision to enter or exit the market is based on sound investment management principles in the best interests of the client, not in the best interests of the adviser.

direct investing

​Direct Investing

  • Our clients often tell us they prefer to own shares directly rather than via managed funds. 

  • They offer a host of reasons; some share our enthusiasm for the very idea of owning businesses, some are looking for more control over capital gains events and income streams, others like to keep running costs low to support an allocated pension.

  • We are yet to find a client who wants to own shares because they love the paperwork.

  • Bluepoint has devised a direct portfolio service, which we have called BlueCAPS (an acronym for Bluepoint’s Core Australian Portfolio of Shares). As part of the service we act as postbox for the paperwork and offer the client and their accountant online viewing access to all transactions and dividend information.

Stock Selection

  • Bluepoint uses a quantitative database to help identify undervalued companies. The process includes running several filters to help pick a shortlist of stocks from the shares comprising S&P ASX 200 Index. These filters will generally help identify 30-40 stocks that match our selection criteria.

  • We focus heavily on free cash flow that management can send back to shareholders.

  • We examine earnings forecasts for the stocks selected to understand market expectations for the next two years and develop a “consensus view” on a shortlist of stocks. From this shortlist, we look to broker recommendations and the best ideas of proven fund managers to select companies on qualitative factors.


  • Where BlueCAPS fit - We believe this portfolio could act as a very good alternative to a managed fund which invests in the top 200 stocks. We have become quite concerned that the majority of managed share funds have become ‘index huggers’, compelled to buy/own inappropriate businesses just because they are in the relevant index. We believe that you cannot help beating the index, simply through sifting out the poor investments that are in the index.

  • BlueCAPS gives the investor all the advantages of owning stocks individually - cost, tax efficiency and yield - while aiming to outperform the share index over the long term. BlueCAPS are designed to be bought and held. We are not planning to actively trade our BlueCAPS however we may from time to time make changes and clients should not assume that the current stocks will always remain in our portfolio.

  • Bluepoint places a strong emphasis on portfolio diversification in stock selection and seeks to select stocks from a diverse range of major industry groups. Proper portfolio diversification ensures the majority of stock-specific risk is eliminated.

  • Portfolio stability and longevity are key considerations. Bluepoint aims to keep portfolio changes to a minimum (approximately 25% pa turnover).


Advisory team

Tony Bates, Adviser

B.Economics, Dip Fin Planning

Email: tonyb@bluepc.com.au

As a principal of the firm, Tony specialises in advising high net worth private clients, charitable and trustee organisations. He also has strong specialist knowledge in alternative investments and socially responsible investments. Tony is a member of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia.


Tony has served in senior positions with leading stockbrokers, fund managers, private banks and accounting firms. Tony is one of Sydney’s leading wealth management specialists, having chaired a number of regional conferences and provided wealth management consulting to two of Australia’s top four banks.

Todd Karamian, Adviser

MBus in Finance, BBus (Finance), Dip Fin Planning


Email: toddk@bluepc.com.au


Todd is currently the Managing Director. He brings strong investment analysis and portfolio management skills to the team, having previously worked as a research analyst, broker and asset consultant to various large and boutique organisations. Todd is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute.


Todd specialises in advising high net worth private clients and Superannuation funds in the areas of fixed interest, equities and alternative assets.

Angus Stephen, Adviser

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), AFA, Adv Dip Fin Planning


Email: anguss@bluepc.com.au


Angus is a Commerce graduate of the University of New England and holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning).  He is also a qualified Life Risk Specialist® and a member of the Association of Financial Advisers.


An experienced advisor, Angus passionately believes in the value of a well-structured lifestyle based financial plan.  Also, as a risk specialist, he can recommend a plan than can deliver peace of mind and superior financial outcomes when individuals or families experience the unexpected.


This holistic view of a client’s requirements includes estate planning and assisting businesses with succession planning to facilitate the best possible financial outcome for the organisation’s Directors.


Prior to joining Bluepoint Consulting, Angus worked with a number of advice and accounting firms to provide advice, with a particular focus on risk management and estate planning advice.


Importantly, Angus passionately believes his most important role is to facilitate the claims process for his clients, navigate the insurance company processes and assist clients to achieve the best possible outcome at their time of need.

Andrew Virgona, Adviser


Email: andrewv@bluepc.com.au


Andrew joined Bluepoint in 2015. Andrew specialises in advising high net worth private clients, sophisticated and institutional investors. He brings a strong knowledge in portfolio construction. Andrew has been dealing in equities continuously since 1986 and was invited to the prestigious position as a Governor of the ASX Trading Floor.


Andrew spent 8 years as Associate Director of Equities Derivatives at Macquarie Equities and most recently more than 10 years as Senior Equities Advisor at Bell Potter

Paola Ferragina, Client Service Manager


Email: paolaf@bluepc.com.au

Paola heads up Bluepoint Consulting’s client administration division and is responsible for client related administration. Paola previously enjoyed a successful career with leading financial services companies including Commonwealth Bank and Perpetual Trustees. 




Michael Cvetkovski, Adviser

Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)


Email: michaelc@bluepc.com.au


Prior to entering the finance industry, Michael enjoyed a successful career as a professional footballer representing clubs in Europe and Asia.


Having worked in finance for a multinational car manufacturer, Michael has gained extensive experience within the lending industry.


As a qualified financial adviser, Michael has worked in a dealer group prior to joining Bluepoint Consulting. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve their financial objectives. 


Michael's clients are typically SMSF's, Trusts and individual investors.

Professional Memberships


Our advisers have the following professional memberships


Self Managed Super Fund Association

Chartered Financial Analysts Institute – CFA 

Responsible Investment 

Association Australasia

Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia & New Zealand